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Empowering Student Voice and Agency with Effective Feedback


No doubt, if you’ve been on the journey of supporting student voice, you’ve observed that we have beautiful opportunities every day to enable or tap in to that voice. But, here’s the thing: If we work intentionally to encourage student VOICE, we must also work intentionally towards LISTENING to student voice. When we spend more time listening to our students, deeply and authentically, we develop a pedagogy of listening. But, how does one listen with intention?  What is it that we should be listening for, and what should we be listening to?

Our goal in listening related to content and empowering student voice is really to zone in on making student thinking visible. A pedagogy of listening has to include documenting evidence in the various forms that make student thinking visible and has to provide space in learning for discussion, reflection and analysis. This process is ongoing and is used to support growth and improvement. 

Good listening and a strong feedback cycle in classrooms create the conditions for learners who are able, independent, and invested in their learning.  Great feedback provides information for the learner and teacher about the learner’s performance relative to the learning goals that’s based on evidence of learning and leads to changes in teacher and student behaviour.  Watch this 9 minute mini learning session and download the embedded articles to learn more about the characteristics of good feedback and to support agency in your learners today!

Watch the mini learning session:

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