WEBINAR: AB ED - Interpreting Diploma Examination Results
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WEBINAR: AB ED - Interpreting Diploma Examination Results
Presented by: Alberta Education
Located at: Online
About the Session


This workshop focuses on how to best use the results provided following the administration of diploma examinations, in order to to advise modifications to instructional and administrative practices with the goal of improving results. Participants will be provided with background information about the design and scoring of diploma examinations to enhance their understanding of the reports that detail diploma examination results. Working with team members from the Diploma Examinations program of the Provincial Assessment Sector, participants will learn to interpret and use these results to improve student learning through the following processes:

  • Considering factors that affect examination results

  • Learning about the provincial diploma-examination programs

  • Understanding exam standards and the phases of exam development

  • Learning about examination equating

  • Reviewing the information provided in each report table

  • Examining case-studies of school results

  • Analyzing your own results

  • Formulating narratives and plans informed by your results

  • Reflecting on the session and exchanging ideas

  • Discovering opportunities for teacher involvement in the examination processes


Participants are expected to have the following:

  • A calculator

  • The most recently available instructional group, school, or school authority reports issued by Alberta Education

  • The most recently available multi-year reports

About the Presenter(s)

Alberta Education

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