Powering Competencies with Technology (2-day Series)
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Powering Competencies with Technology (2-day Series)
Presented by: Leslie Fisher
Located at: Deerfoot Inn
1000, 11500 – 35 Street SE, Calgary, AB
Presented by: Leslie Fisher
Located at: Executive Royal Hotel
2828-23 Street NE, Calgary, AB
About the Session

AUDIENCE: K-12 teachers, instructional coaches, school leaders, and IT/ET professionals are encouraged to attend.

Competencies are defined by Alberta Education as an ‘interrelated set of attitudes, skills and knowledge that are drawn upon and applied to a particular context for successful learning and living’ (2011). Through competency development, students become increasingly proficient in their ability to solve problems, communicate, collaborate, and manage information. They become innovative in ways that respect and foster global minded solutions. Many students use technology successfully to empower greater independence, communication, and collaboration.

At the same time that supporting student competency development is changing the landscape of teaching and learning in classrooms, technology is changing how we live, work, and play. Leveraging digital solutions will be imperative to the future success of today’s students. There are a vast array of technology tools for learning that are free, affordable, and engaging. These learning tools are easy to use, support the development of student competencies, and set the trajectory for their future success as lifelong learners and active citizens within a global economic society. 

Over the course of this 2-day learning series, Leslie Fisher will lead us in an exploration of how different technology solutions serve competency development. 

During Day 1 of this learning series, Leslie will provide a broad overview of technologies available to support dynamic learning opportunities for students. These technology solutions are easy to use and can engage a wide variety of learners. Whether looking to improve access to learning tools that can support students in classroom tasks, searching for new ways to foster communication in the classroom and beyond, or wanting to create new course content, this day will be all about touring and exploring various digital solutions and how they might be leveraged to power competency development for students.

With Leslie’s guidance, Day 2 of this learning series will provide participants with the opportunity to dive more deeply into some of the digital solutions and tools introduced on Day 1.

About the Presenter(s)

Leslie Fisher 's interest in technology began while studying music at the University of Southern California. She quickly realized the value of utilizing computers for music mixing and recording. She grabbed her 300 baud modem, jumped on the Internet (before anyone really called it the internet) and started looking for music resources. She soon realized she was spending more time discovering technology than playing music so she changed her major and tried to figure out what geeky thing she could do for the rest of her life.

After graduating from USC with a Business and Marketing degree in 1989 and a quick stint as a Trainer, Leslie joined Apple Computer in 1992. When the Internet took off in 1994, Leslie was one of the first Apple employees assigned to study Internet growth and implementation.

In 1997, Leslie was roadkill on Apple's road to recovery and part of their massive lay off. Leslie planned to spend most of her huge severance package golfing and waiting a few months to look for a job. The day after her layoff, her phone began to ring with Apple customers requesting consulting, training and presentation services. Before she could say fore, Fisher Technologies Inc. was created to help educators with their technology implementations and decisions.

Fisher Technologies Inc. is now a worldwide company (meaning one employee named Leslie gets to travel the world teaching) specializing in presenting emerging and practical technology solutions to educators all over the world. 

Fee: $225.00

Includes: lunch

Registration Notes:

Bring your own device.

NOTE: This series takes place at two different venues. Please make note of the venue for each date.