The Calgary Regional Consortium CRC provides quality Professional Learning opportunities to K-12 Educators

This session is for educators who are interested in moving beyond themes and inquiry units to negotiating learning with their students, and co-constructing a learning environment that is grounded in questioning, puzzlement and creative thinking for all. Join Robin Behtke on April 10, 2014 for this incredible learning opportunity.

The CRC is pleased to bring back Dr. Erik Carter to Calgary May 27, 2014. By attending this session, participants will learn how peer support boosts the academic, engagement, social skills, and peer relationship sof students with disabilities and the peers who support them; how to recruit and match the students most likely to form mutually beneficial relationships and more. Register now to avoid disappointment.

Check out the new Literacy & Numeracy resources (videos and conversation guides) that have been posted!

Interested in exploring how to most effectively encourage creative thinking and creativity in CTF and CTS courses? This is a four part series that will explore what effective teaching practice in CTF and CTS might look like. Attend one or all sessions.

This one-day institute will explore practical, research-based strategies which engage students in communicating their thinking in mathematics while at the same time, enable them to learn various mathematical concepts. Join Dr. Cathy Marks Krpan on May 9, 2014.

What's New?

  • ARPDC Cross Curricular Competencies Poster January 20

    Click here for a copy of ARPDC's Cross-Curricular Competencies poster. This poster is designed to support awareness and understanding of cross-curricular competencies identified in the Ministerial Order on Student Learning.

  • Feedback Welcomed!! November 12

    Attended a session that was really great? Noticed a topic but couldn't attend? The CRC can customize sessions for your jurisdiction or school learning needs. Contact the CRC for more info!